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Yankee Papa Flying Group

Golf Bravo Alpha Yankee Papa is a Cessna C150L (serial no. 150-74017). It started life in 1973 as N18651, and was soon imported to the UK and first registered as G-BAYP on the 18th May 1973. It changed hands a number of times before arriving at Popham in 1995.



The original group was established as Popham Pilots Flying Group with 15 members. Membership now stands at 12, which is the group's ideal size. The current name was established in 1998.

Yankee Papa is an EASA aircraft maintained by Wiltshire Aircraft Maintenance at Popham. In 2001 the engine was fully reconditioned, with 4 new cylinders fitted May 2010 at 1500 hours. YP returned from Dunkeswell 21st March 2009 after a full strip and repaint. The repaint story is documented here.


Yankee Papa once again participated in the annual Starlight Day in August 2013. You can view a short video here. There are some photos on the New Photos page.

August 2016 - We have a share for sale! Please contact us if you are interested in joining the group. £50 / month & £60 / hour.

G - B A Y P

Cessna 150L

Serial No. 150-74017

First registered 1973

Original registration N18651


Group Ownership

Membership - 12


YP at Paull Airfield 10 Jul 1977 by Steve Aubury

YP at Paull Airfield
10 Jul 1977
by Steve Aubury

YP at Dunkeswell 2008

YP at Dunkeswell 2008


Yankee Papa Flying Group

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